TOZ Archives – Tables of Content

How Are You? by David Marshall p. 4
Birth on Facebook by Brock Hessel p. 5
Summatime by Matt Badali p. 6
Bridges’ Light by Matt Badali p. 8
Cracks by Megan Hutton p. 9
Sidewalks in Santa Fe by Megan Hutton p. 10
What to Do with Your Spare Time by Dorianne Emmerton p. 11
App Whore I by Terence Go p. 12
Hair: It Grows on You by Aneeta Lal p. 14
Fifteen-Minute Writing Exercises p. 18
Books by Outwriters p. 20
Author Biographies p. 21
© 2013 All works are property of the author or artist.

Two stories by Megan Hutton p. 4

The Shawl by Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins p. 9
Camping Up Racialized Campsites by Brock Hessel p. 14
Going Home by Anonymous p. 18
Matthew J. Trafford Visits OUTwrites by Dorianne Emmerton p. 22
Author Spotlight: Farzana Doctor p. 23
Fifteen-Minute Writing Exercises p. 24
Author Biographies p. 25

  Right Out of the Gate by James Chaarani p. 3

  Night Hive 01 by Terence Go p.12
  Take This Schmaltz by Brock Hessel p. 13
  The Shoes by Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins p.15
  Author Spotlight: The Holy Literary Trinity of a Small-Town Ontarian p. 21
  The Minx by Brock Hessel p. 22
  OUTsiders: My Homo by Ray Garcia p. 23
  Announcements p. 25
  Fifteen -Minute Writing Exercises p. 27
  Author Biographies p. 28
  © 2012 All works are property of the author or artist.
Cover Image: Skin by skycastle
© 2012
  Rewritin’ by David Marshall p. 3
  The Country Boy Cowgirl by Matt Badali p. 5
  Lost in Space and Love by Dorianne Emmerton p. 7
  Untitled by David Marshall p. 8
  Writing Exercise by Terence Go p. 9
  The Difference Between Light and Death by Gillian May p. 10
  The Salacious Poems p. 11-16
  Deer and Artichokes by David Marshall p. 17
  Author Spotlight: Vivek Shraya p. 18
  Flint Theatre review by Matt Badali p. 19
 Announcements p. 20-22
Fifteen -Minute Writing Exercises p. 23
Author Biographies p. 24-25
© 2012 All works are property of the author or artist.
Cover Image: Esplanade Revisited by Terence Go © 2012
Words Like Violence by Ray Garcia p.3
Garuda by Terence Go p. 6
You’ll Never Guess My Secret Identity by Dorianne Emmerton p.7
Two Poems by Terence Go p.9
A Thousand Years by Matt Badali p.11
Isadora’s Gallery by Alan T. Orr p.12
s’Éxposé by David Marshall p.15
Truth and Fiction by Sara de Souza p.17
In Which Norwood… by Michael Lyons p.18
Heeding Janus by Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins p.26
Vishnu In the Sky by Terence Go p.36
Author Spotlight: Brian Francis p.37
Fifteen-Minute Writing Exercises p.38
Author Biographies p.39
© 2012 All works are property of the author or artist.
Cover Image by David Marshall © 2012
 A New Year’s End by Matt Badali p. 3
 Walking Through the Week by Dorianne Emmerton p. 4
 Voids by David Marshall p. 5-6
 This Is My Plane by Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins p. 7
 Four Pieces by Arestia Dehmassi p. 8-12
 Rain by Matt Badali p. 13
 Defiance by Charles Fisch p. 15
 Sextina by Nichola Ward p. 16
  Closed Loop Writing Exercises (by Andrew Hlavats, Terence Go,
 Dorianne Emmerton and Arestia Dehmassi) p. 17-19
Desire for Knowledge by Sheila van den Heuvel-Collins p. 21-23
Author Spotlight: Joey Comeau by Michael Lyons p. 24
Review: Jackie’s Not A Real Girl by Dorianne Emmerton p. 25
Fifteen-Minute Writing Exercises p. 26
Author Biographies p. 27-28
With original images by S.J.D., Terence Go and Michael Lyons
©2011 All works are property of the author or artist
Title Page: Untitled, by S.J.D.


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