OUTwrites Play Writing Workshop


If you are fascinated by people, the way they act, think, communicate and most importantly why and what made them the person they are, then playwriting might just be your jam. Each session will explore some of the topics listed below as well as writing exercises that incorporate what you are working on in that session. 

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  • Creating multi-dimensional characters
  • how to give them stakes so their behaviour is believable
  • exploring stereotypes without the cliches
  • fictionalizing people you know, situations you’ve experienced, and even yourself
  • Writing monologues
  • Keeping your dialogue distinct for each character
  • Ways to turn issues you are passionate about into theatrical scenes
  • Comedy as a revolutionary tool
  • Making sure you have actually written it in the play
  • Picking a style

Three Free Sessions at The 519  (519 Church)

  1. Oct. 24: Creating characters, exploring stereotypes, stakes, distinct dialogue.
  2. Nov. 28: Writing monologues and scene work, picking a style, how to fictionalize real life especially yours
  3. Jan. 9: Comedy as a revolutionary tool and other ways to get your message across through your characters and the lives you give them. Making sure that it’s all in the play and not still in your head. 

Marcy Rogers is a writer/performer whose works include the Dora nominated Nocturnal Emissions, Psycho Bitch From Hell: An Intimate Evening With Satan and the short story IMHO which opens the award winning anthology Friend. Follow. Text #storiesFromLivingOnline. 


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