Back to Writing!

September is right around the corner. The sun and heat already seem to want to take their leave. You have no excuses anymore not to pick up a pen and set up some good habits for the start of the new term. Apparently, habits need 21 days to form (or something like that… I read it somewhere). If you do something for 21 days straight, then you’re more likely to make it a lasting habit! Say, everyday, you write for half an hour a day / an hour / 5 minutes: you choose your goal – do it 21 days and it’s more likely that it will become part of your life!

Here are some articles published by the website Authors Publish (if you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter, I recommend it) that might help you with that goal of setting up good new habits:

Increase your productivity with a writing routine

And here is another one for a little kick from Famous writers on why they write

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