Meeting tomorrow

queerart1Helloooo OUTwriters!  Just a reminder of our meeting tomorrow 8-10pm at the @the519  Be sure to tell a friend and bring copies of your work to get critiqued.  Hallowe’en is just around the corner, so why not try a queer thriller or piece involving masks and costumes?  Consider some of these titles as inspiration from Goodreads.   Don’t forget that Nanowrimo is also coming up.  Sign up early and try it!  Get closer to completing your novel project.  #queerthriller

3 thoughts on “Meeting tomorrow

  1. Hello there. I just discovered this group today, after stumbling across it via a page I found on Google. I thought I’d join in, but I’m at Crepe It Up, and there doesn’t seem to be a group here.. Its 8:15.

    • Hello Laura,
      Our apologies, we posted a message about the group being cancelled for the summer due to problems with location but somehow there was a problem with the posting and I guess it hasn’t showed. We will be back in session in September at the 519.

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